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Choosing Window Designs for your home

Fitting modern double glazed replacement uPVC windows in your home is a proven way to reduce heat loss and save money, whilst at the same time improving the overall look, value and desirability of your home.

With the cost of installing double glazing windows’ being at its most competitive, now is the perfect time to look into replacing your old ones with long lasting, thermally efficient and secure replacement units.

Upvc Window styles can be manufactured to suit virtually any type of property, they are extraordinarily versatile in terms of how the design can  be modelled to fit into any size opening and match any style of property, even if the building is “listed” or in a Conservation area.

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Casement & Sash Windows

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Energy Efficient Double Glazing

As mentioned previously all Upvc windows are made to be energy efficient, however, the energy savings properties of the windows can be further improved by using specialised low emissivity or “low E”  solar glass, warm edge spacers, installing gas filled sealed glazed units and even triple glazed sealed glass panes.

All replacement windows now come with an Energy Rating Label or WER which identifies the overall thermal efficiency of the complete unit and will tell consumers “at a glance” how good the window is at saving energy.

The rating label was brought into being few years ago by The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and is similar to the labels found on household electrical items, such as fridges, cookers, tumble dryers etc. and is colour coded with an alphabetical grading scale. The scale runs from A to G and the colours go from Green to Red – the top rating is “A” green and the lowest is “G” red.

  • Improved home energy, save on your heating bills / Draught free windows
  • Passive “solar gain” from Low E thermal glass
  • Condensation problems cured, no more damp patches around the windows
  • Toughened safety glass / Internally Glazed
  • Secure locks / Reinforced frames prevent warping
  • Wide selection of colours, finishes & designs

The UK Energy Saving Trust also has a labelling and recommendation system where they will award their approval to certain products that meet or exceed certain criteria.

All homes in the UK will need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when they are bought sold or rented, and how effective your windows are at saving energy could make the difference between a good rating and a low rating. Having a poorly rated property for energy efficiency could lower the sale or rental value and result in the loss of thousands of pounds. So making the right choice in windows is now more important than ever.

Finding the right Installer

The first thing we look for in any Installer that we deal with is that they are registered members of one or more of the Industry Recognised Trade Associations – in this way we are ensuring that we deal only with competent trades-persons who have a proven track record of successful projects in this type of work.

This gives our customers the peace of mind that they will only be dealing with reputable companies who can provide proper warranties and deposit protection.