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French Windows, Bay windows, Tilt & Turn Windows:

If you want to add a window with a little bit more functionality than usual, there are some very versatile designs avaialbe that can bring different aspects to your home.

  • French windows give a classic look.
  • Bay & Bow windows can actaully increase space in the room.
  • Tilt & Turn Windows multi- function opening action bring many unique features.

French Windows:

French Windows are usually presented as a double opening, side hinged variation on the casement window that opens outwards and also they are most commonly seen with multiple small glass panes.

Variations on the “classic” French windows look are available, such as full glass or inward opening windows.

As with the tilt & turn window design, French windows are often used as doors and can be fitted inside the house to create a stylish way to separate rooms such as dining and living areas.

Bay & Bow windows:

Bay or Bow windows are curved or faceted and project forward from the property, bows can usually be installed into an existing opening to replace existing “flat” windows, but Bays tend to be part of the building structure.

Both designs add extra space and bring more light to the room due to the fact that they curve outwards.

Bay windows can be really personalised inside the home with headboards or possibly a “window seat”, but even by fitting a Bow window to the front of your property you can have a totally new look.

Tilt & Turn Windows:

Tilt & Turn windows give you the choice of how to open them; by turning the handle in one direction the window will open from the top or by turning it in another direction, the window will open from the side, it is this feature that increases their practicality.

Tilting provides excellent and secure ventilation; turning will allow easy access for cleaning. Open the widow fully like a standard casement window or use the tilt function to let in the fresh air, versatile enough to also be used as full door or an exit point in the event of an emergency.

Because the whole window can be opened inwards, both sides of the glass are easily accessed; the frame of the window presents no problem for cleaning, whether they are fitted at ground floor level or in a high-rise apartment.

In terms of safety, the tilt function has built in movement limiters to prevent the frame from opening beyond a safe angle, especially important where tilt / turn units are being used as a patio door.