Casement & Sash Windows

Information & Quotes for Casement Windows & Sash Windows

Popular Styles: Casement Windows & Sash Windows:

Both of these designs are very different in the way they function for opening & closing, Sash Windows slide up & down on vertical tracks and Casement open from the side or top hinges.

However, modern manufacturing methods ensure that both window styles are energy efficient, long lasting & have low maintenance requirements.

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Casement windows are normally hinged on the side, open outward and are probably the most widely used type of double glazing unit.

Available throughout the UK, they come in countless combinations of fixed panes and openings. Options for selecting wood effect finishes and frame or handle colours makes personalisation easy.

From Georgian style window bars, with stained glass & leaded panes to fully or partially obscured glass. Whatever your current windows style, it can be matched.